Seeds for the Sol

Seeds for the Sol is a non-profit, grass-roots organization taking action now to remove the financial barriers to residential solar. Our neighbor-to-neighbor funding model mimics the natural cycles of planting, harvesting, and renewal, helping more people put solar on their roofs. We’re made up of concerned citizens who want to repurpose the benefits they’ve reaped from a fossil fuel economy, passing them on to the next generation in the form of renewable energy.


Carbon Offsets

Seeds for the Sol is excited to launch a carbon offset program to aid transition to carbon neutral future. Our program works by calculating distance traveled  and carbon emitted. Once you calculate your emissions for a trip your carbon offset can be donated to fund local solar projects. 100% of your carbon offset will fund installation of solar panels and is tax-deductible.

Solar Rebate Needed

At Seeds for the Sol, we are clear that addressing climate change is crucial for Oregon’s future. The Clean Energy Jobs Bill (HB 2023A) can help that happen. In solidarity with a strong coalition across the state, we are supporting that legislation.

HB 2023A addresses three needs that are critical for our future: a strong clean energy economy that caps and permanently reduces greenhouse gas emissions, natural and working lands sequestering CO2, and climate resiliency across the state. If you want to learn more, you can start here.

We need your help now!

Use this link to find your state senator’s and state representative’s contact info

Ask them to fund and pass HB 2023A, the Clean Energy Jobs bill, because:

  • It will create jobs and save health care costs—it will be good for Oregon’s economy WHILE setting a standard for greenhouse gas reductions.
  • A broad coalition of Oregonians—representing environmental, equity, public health, business, rural, tribal, and labor union interests—have shaped this policy.
  • It will position Oregon as a national leader in finding an equitable and just transition to a clean energy economy.


Dear [insert Legislator name],
Please fund and pass HB 2023A, the Clean Energy Jobs bill. The bill will make Oregon a leader in our country, and we need leaders to show us how to make an equitable and just transition to a clean energy economy. The bill has is supported by a broad coalition of Oregonians representing many segments of the state, including environmental, equity, public health, business, rural, tribal, and labor union interests. It will help lead us to our greenhouse gas goals. Every day, more citizens are realizing there is no issue as important as addressing our planet’s climate crisis. It’s time to ACT.


CHS Celebrates Solar Array

Education, Feb 21, 2019

As Corvallis School District Superintendent Ryan Noss finished speaking at a Wednesday afternoon ceremony celebrating the installation of a new rooftop solar array at Corvallis High School, he remarked that the weather would be nice enough for attendees to go outside and look at the array.

“Mother Nature is on our side,” he said.

“‘Mother Nature is on our side.’ That should be on a bumper sticker,” said Julie Williams, a CHS teacher and adviser for the school’s Green Club, following Noss’ comment. She added that the world would be in better shape if more people realized that and tried to act on it through things like building more solar arrays.

At the event, billed as a “Solarbration,” Williams said her students in the Green Club had been working to have the 117-kilowatt array installed since 2007. “12 years too long,” she said.

Students in the Green Club helped raise some of the nearly $266,000 cost of installation. Other funds for the array came from the Energy Trust of Oregon, the Oregon Clean Power Cooperative and Benton Electric, Inc., which installed the array in September and owns the array.


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