Consumer Power: Sample Costs for a Typical 4.7 kW Rooftop Solar System in the Corvallis Area
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Attention: 2018 sample cost not yet available

Homeowner expenses with Seeds for the Sol assistance incentives running total
Total System Cost – before incentives ($14,500)
SfTS Sun Buddy 0% Loan $4,200  ($9,800)
SfTS Pass Through Partner Agreement unavailable 
Initial Cost Sun Harvester    ($4,400)
Seeds for the Sol Processing Fee ($150)
Homeowner out-of-pocket cost-after incentives ($4,550)
Homeowner with no assistance incentives running total
Total System Cost – before incentives ($14,500)
Federal Tax Credit $4,200 ($9,800)
Oregon State Tax Credit unavailable
Homeowner out-of-pocket cost-after four years $1,500 ($3,800)

System Cost: Estimated by the participating solar installers Abundant Solar and BE Solar for a 4.72 kW installation.
Federal tax credit: 30% of homeowner cost after the ETO rebate, returned with federal tax return.
State tax credit: $6,000 maximum or 50% of system cost, returned in maximum increments of $1,500 over a minimum of 4 years.
Sun Harvester: Homeowner that is assisted by Seeds for the Sol to have solar power system installed on their roof.
Sun Buddy 0% Interest Loan: Sun Harvester pays SFTS back when their federal tax return arrives.
Pass Through Partner Agreement: Sun Harvester agrees to sell their state tax credit at 90% of its value. On a 4.7 kW system the Pass Through Partner pays the Sun Harvester $5,400 at closing. At this point, the Oregon Dept. of Energy recognizes the Pass Through Partner as the owner of the $6,000 state tax credit.
Processing Fee: This fee covers administrative costs for Seeds for the Sol.

Typical Energy Savings: $350 – $450 / year