How are we doing so far?

2017 is an important year for solar! We are working to increase the number of installations we finance each year. This year, we are striving to help 30 homeowners install solar on their roofs. See below what we’ve accomplished so far this year and learn how you can help:

Sun Harvesters
33.33%  10 of 30

So far, we have 10 Corvallis families lined up to get solar! Our goal for the year is to fund solar arrays for 30 families. Want to help us make that happen? You can either sign up yourself, or tell a friend about our program. Learn more here.

Sun Buddies
50%  60000 of 120000

We’ve raised over $60,000 this year to fund solar arrays. To reach our goal of funding 30 installations, we’ll need about $120,000. Help us get there by becoming a Sun Buddy today – You can loan anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000! Email sarah [at] for more info.

Pass-Through Partners
36.67%  11 of 30

Pass-Through Partners make our program possible. We have 11 PTPs lined up so far, but we need 19 more! Click here to find out if you or someone you know can make $600 by helping a neighbor go solar!

Who are we? Click here to watch our video.

Inspired by her Climate Reality training, Julie Williams created this innovative wealth-sharing program that provides zero interest loans to homeowners for solar installations. Using investments by “Sun Buddy’ donors who get paid back by tax credits and rebates; this is a community-based solution for ramping up clean energy solutions in Corvallis, OR. USA

Julie Williams_Seeds for the Sol from Amy Hunter on Vimeo.


NW Solar Communities Grant


June 14, 2014.  Seeds for the Sol has been awarded a Northwest Solar Communities grant by the Northwest Solar Communities foundation along with Solar Oregon.  The grant proposal was submitted jointly with the Corvallis Environmental Center, which will serve in partnership with Seeds for the Sol on the marketing and outreach activities to be funded by the grant.