SunHarvesterIconSun Harvesters take action by installing solar panels on their homes, using our zero-interest loans. Loans are then repaid once per year by utilizing tax incentives. Because approximately 60% of the total cost is covered by grants and tax credits, there are no monthly payments – you make just one payment per year, after receiving your tax refund.



Business Pass-Through Partners take the generous federal tax credits on solar projects.



SunBuddyIconSun Buddies take action by sharing their savings, providing zero-interest loans (repaid in 18 months or less) to help other homeowners in the community put solar on their roofs.


SeedSupporterIconSun Supporters take action by donating to Seeds for the Sol, supporting our mission to educate, build community, and reduce our carbon footprint. Donations buy solar energy and the funding recycles and buys solar energy again and again. All donations stay in perpetual motion. Donations made to Seeds for the Sol are tax-deductible!